Covid-19 precautions

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At the presentation dinner

Vaccination and isolation

We do not require that you are vaccinated. However, we ask you to be respectful of others, and take a lateral flow test before setting out. Please do not travel to the event if that is positive.

If you have been asked to isolate for any reason, including but not limited to overseas travel, or a household member testing positive, please do not travel to the event.

If you begin to show symptoms of Covid-19, please do not travel to the event. If you develop them during the event, please leave immediately.


Cleaning and Hygiene

Toilets and other shared areas will be cleaned regularly, but please be aware that others may have come in to contact with shared surfaces such as bannisters and door handles and wash your hands thoroughly when you have the opportunity. You may wish to bring some antiviral handwash.


Personal protection

Wearing a face mask when at the event is not required, but those who wish to do so should. Please bring your own. Please respect others' wish to wear a face mask.



There is no requirement to maintain social distancing, however, please respect other who may wish to maintain a distance from people they do not usually spend time with.